The Ninjas

 Ninja 1

Tom Westgate


A 22 year old Guildfordian who moved to Southampton pretty much on a whim. Eventually fell into public relations and have found it to be the perfect fit. I am a born and bred socialite with the ambition of working in entertainment PR once I have graduated (and got a lot of travelling out of my system).

Was lucky enough to work as a publicist for the London Film Festival over the summer of 2011. Had the best experience of my life and can’t wait to burrow myself deep into the heart of the film industry.

Random fact: I apparently have a West Country accent, even though I’ve never been there.


 Ninja 2

Sarah Vivier


Born in Paris I came to England aged 17 to study Public Relations. Eventually, I would love to work in the marketing industry to help brands and companies effectively reach their key audiences and engage with them on a high level.

I undertook a three week work placement at Interface Tourism, one of the leading tourism marking agencies in France. The experience helped me develop a better understanding of PR and marketing practices in the work place and enhance my skills.

Random Fact: I love to argue with my English friends about which country is the best, but often outnumbered and have to admit defeat (or do I?)


Ninja 3

Claire Hodson


Brizzle born PR with aspirations of working within the entertainment and events management industry. I am a self confessed twitterholic, hard working individual who currently holds the CIPR student rep title for Southampton Solent University.

Over the summer I completed a two month work placement with a creative communications agency in Bristol working and heightening my skills in all platforms of media relations which was critical in my learning of real life PR.

Random Fact: Before heading to university I had an interview with a researcher from the Paul O Grady show as my dad put me forward for a cooking segment! Sadly the section was pulled from the shows schedule! 😦


Ninja 4

Natasha Jackson


I’m a Southampton born, enthusiastic future PR, with a keen interest in events management and public relations for charitable organisations.   I’m friendly and outgoing person who loves a new challenge.

During work placement over the summer I was part of a hard working team using skills regarding media relations, reputation management and promotions, where I had a fantastic time learning new experiences that will help me in my future career.

Random fact: I’m a keen dancer and have danced since the age of 3!


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