Ninja 4: Muslims and the French government must reach a fair compromise on the Burka

Ban the Burka?
The banning of the burka is a very controversial subject, which needs to be looked at diplomatically. The burka ban in France came into play earlier this year, and prevents anyone from covering up their face in public. But is this right? Should people be penalised for following their religion and beliefs? Or should you adapt to the country you live in and will this stop the oppression of Islamic women?
Why should people be punished for practising a religion, surely this is a human right? If people are are allowed to wear as little amount of clothing as they like then why are people being punished for wearing as much clothing as they like. After all these people strongly believe in their religion and that they are providing a service to god.
But then again you also have to look at the other side of things. Why do women feel they have to cover themselves up with burkas? They can still practise their religion without going to such extremes and surely when entering a new country you should respect that countries views and beliefs. Apprentice star SAIRA KHAN states that; “Nowhere in the Koran does it state that a woman’s face and body must be covered in a layer of heavy black cloth. Instead, Muslim women should dress modestly, covering their arms and legs.” So if, as some people feel, the burka is a way of brainwashing and oppressing the Islamic women then why should this be allowed?

My feelings on the subject are as follows; if the burka is not a necessity in the Muslim religious practise then why let it cause a security risk to streets around the world. If it offends and disrespects said country then I can understand the ban but I also understand the right for people to practise whatever religious beliefs they have. I think it’s all about comprise and if a little more is given on each side then both could be happy.


Ninja 4: Squatting issues should dealt with case by case

Should squatters have rights? To me this question is definitely a complex on, that doesn’t simply have the answer of yes or no. Lets take into the consideration of why squatters squat. They are choosing to sleep in an abandoned house with no heating or electric and sometimes no furniture, which in mind my means they have no other place to stay and its either there or the street, and I know which one Id prefer.
You have to remember that these houses are usually completely abandoned and squatters normally go unnoticed for years upon years of them staying there. However its obvious that squatting is not the answer to homelessness and something needs to be done.
The coalition government is soon set to propose that changes in the law will make squatting a criminal offence and those found guilty of breaching this will be fined up to £5000 or given a year long prison sentence. But is this really going to solve the problem? These people are desperate and in need of help, is the possibility of going to jail or having a fine really going to stop them squatting in an abandoned house instead of sleeping on the street? I think not.

I understand that not every squatter is in such desperate need as others and some see squatting more as a lifestyle choice than a necessity, and for those select few this new law might potentially work, but what about the rest? Surely help is needed more than anything. And surely taking away someone’s shelter and safety should be the last resort?

The governemnt has seems to think that slapping a fine on the issue will make the problem go away. How they ever came to that conclusion I dont know. These people need support with whatever issues they might have and guidance in how to get better, a fine/imprisonment is not the answer!

Ninja 4: What do my social media profiles say about me?


I definitely use Facebook completely for social reasons and to keep in touch with friends, so therefore my privacy settings are set so that if you are not my friend on Facebook the only thing you can see is my profile picture.  However is this enough? Or would future employees look at this picture and decide not to hire me?

Above you can see my current profile picture on Facebook.  Its a fairly nice picture where I’m smiling with a friend, I think the only thing that could be construed as negative is the fact that I’m wearing a carnage top, one of the biggest student drinking events in the UK.   If a potential employer saw this, and knew what carnage was, and then they may think twice about hiring me.  It’s not as if I’m falling over drunk or even have a drink in my hand but the association with carnage may have negative connotations for some people.  However overall I think my picture is perfectly suitable for Facebook and those that may see it.


My twitter account is probably used as half social and half professional, as I have both friends and PR professionals alike on there, but have recently started to move it into being slightly more professional.

Looking at my profile picture above, I can see that it’s not the most professional picture I could have chosen.  I don’t think that there is anything practically wrong with the picture, and if on Facebook would be fine but I feel my tongue sticking doesn’t really give the right impression to future employees.

So taking both these pictures into consideration, what’s your opinion? Is there a certain view you now have of me?

And most importantly would you hire me?


Ninja 4: Drugs should not be legalised

When hearing this question I am shocked that it should even be a discussion as, to me, the legalisation of drugs should not been allowed.  Yes I see that both alcohol and cigarettes are harmful to our health and yet they are both legal, however I don’t think drugs can be put in this same category. Not only are they extremely addictive but they can be extremely dangerous!

I know many people out there that would say, “Even if drugs were legal I wouldn’t take them”, but I also know that, if the legal restrains were removed a lot of people would, maybe especially from a much younger age.  I know this doesn’t apply to everyone but the fact that drugs is illegal definitely acts as a deterrent for some people, and these people are the ones most at risk, if drugs were legalised they may be subject to peer pressure or just the attitude of ‘why not?’.


I also think that the idea that legalising drugs would mean the crime rate would decrease is a ridiculous notion.  If drugs were sold in pharmacies, then they would give out a certain quantity at a select price.  People will always be after a cheaper price, a larger quantity or a different mixture and with every need and want from the public will come just as many gangs doing exactly the same thing as they are now.

Consider not only the individual effects legalising drugs but also the effect this would have on society as a whole.


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A License to Kill: Ninja 4

Capital punishment is no longer used in the UK and many other countries alike; however it is still present in some parts of the world. Why is this? Do they use the death penalty to protect innocent civilians and to set an example?  Obviously capital punishment should only be set to use in the worst possible scenarios and when the death of this criminal will save a society, but does any of these points make it right, or is a murder just simply a murder?

The number of victims that suffered at Gadaffi’s hands is endless and the wobbly video footage of the Libyan former dictator’s last breaths was solid proof to the countries long struggle of hurt and rebellion.  Granted it was a medicine well over due but does it make it right.  My answer to this is yes. Some people will argue that killing is killing and whatever the conditions it shouldn’t be allowed but ask yourself this, how many lives would Gadaffis murder saved? Hundreds? Thousands? Then surely the death should be congratulated.  If this death saves just one innocent life then surely it is worthwhile.  I’m sure everyone would agree that if they had a choice of how should die, Gadaffi or a civilian.  Then the majority will choose the evil former dictator.

So I say why should we suffer at the hands of the most dangerous people in the world, they deserve the punishment that they so easily give to others, death.

(N.B: These viewpoints expressed are not necessarily my own)

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