Ninja 3: The Burka ban backwards step for the French

We live in a multi-cultural world. We have allowed the migration of people, religion and culture allowing society to constantly evolve into what it is today. I believe this is a good thing, it has allowed us to develop sub cultures, groups and communities made up of different people from different backgrounds sharing ideas and beliefs.

Banning the burka is backwards thinking and France should be ashamed of themselves for allowing such a ridiculous law to be passed. France is not a country that is governed by a set religion but politics and capitalism, like many other EU countries.

I’m no expert on politics, especially European laws, leaders and past dictators making me not only a bad candidate for a pub quiz but uninterested in the topic. If I look at the situation as a whole however, I really fail to see an issue with the burka. Who is it harming? Surely a lot of time and effort has gone into creating this law but it really is insignificant on our lives. It’s time France start worrying about bigger problems like the Eurozone crisis, war, famine… the Eurovision song contest results! The list goes on.

If I think about the idea of such a ban being created in England, I would expect utter uproar from the Muslim community. My fear would be the worry that a ban would cause violence and extremism. Religion already causes so many problems for the world we live in; banning the burka shows France are ignorant towards the Muslim religion.

Respect the country, adhere to the rules, learn the language but at the end of the day, your religion is your religion.


Ninja 3: Squatters need an alternative

We’re not addressing this problem is a suitable way; authority stamping is not going to work.

Research by the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research at Sheffield Hallam University found:

“Around 78% of homeless people who squat have approached a local authority for help, but although recognised as homeless they have not been entitled to housing because they are not in priority need or are considered intentionally homeless.”

Define “priority need” and “intentionally homeless”? Who chooses to be homeless? I think that’s a terrible figure, our local authorities should be embarrassed.

It is simple, homeless people need a home and squatting doesn’t fit the bill. More needs to be done for them. I am a strong believer of people getting jobs, working and paying their way in society. If everyone did this we would be living in a perfect world. But they are not, the world is far from perfect and this scenario will never happen. Tax payers money should go into helping homeless people find suitable housing, get people off the streets and into jobs.

Furthermore, “Many squatters have significant welfare needs: 34% of homeless people who squat had been in care; 42% had physical ill health or a disability; 41% reported mental health problems”

Again I must ask myself, why aren’t these problems not being addressed? It is time we start at the root of the cause and deal with these problems then. These new squatting legalisations will only be ok if the state is doing the best it can to avoid people squatting in the first place. If 42% have physical ill health problems and 41% have mental health problems… what is being done about it?

Ken Clarke’s new laws on squatting are simply ridiculous. The fine is too steep and a prison sentence is just unnecessary. It’s a typical Tory idea where the less fortunate will suffer and the issue will only create more problems for society, has he heard of overcrowding in prisons?

I agree, squatting is a problem which should be tackled but more with a view of “how can we help these people” and less of “lets fine them or and lock them away”.
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Ninja 3: What do my social media profiles say about me?


I have always seen Facebook as my most personal form of social media, I keep it private so only my friends can see my content. I always make sure I know everyone of my friends to a good level so feel happy with sharing information with them. My right to privacy is lost once I put information on Facebook therefore I must be careful what is on there and what others can access.

My privacy settings do however allow anyone to see a small version of my profile picture. But what does it say about me?

This picture was taken last Wednesday on a PR society social event, me and Sarah (Ninja 2) can be clearly seen posing for this nice picture together.


I use Twitter very differently to Facebook as it’s completely public, anyone can view my tweets and follow me. I generally tweet about day to day happenings and sometimes PR content as I am following various PR agencies and other likeminded PR student from all around the country.

Although you can access more information about me on Twitter, what does my profile picture say about me?

This was taken on a warm sunny day in London where I am outside of a pub having a social glass of wine, watching the world go by.

But what do these two pictures say about me? Both times I am clearly holding a drink, does this mean I’m letting everyone know I like alcohol – which comes with various negative connotations or does it show I like to enjoy a casual drink from time to time. Both pictures are taken from outside, does this hint that I am a smoker?

Is there anything in these pictures that you can see/make assumptions on the type of person I am? Would this affect you deciding whether to hire me over someone else?

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Ninja 3: Drug use should be moderated

DRUGS ARE BAD FOR YOU… a sentence that is hummed into us throughout our educating lives. Sure most of us know this but I’m going to put it out there and say the majority of people within the UK, maybe even you reading this, have at dabbled with some form of illegal drugs.

My view is… Drugs should be legalised.

Not because I’m some raging drug taker! Simply because I think legalising drugs would help lower crime and improve the communities we live in. Having said this, it is my belief that while legal, drug use should monitored and moderated. That is, all drugs should be available by prescription, from your doctor, if really needed – much like the legalisation of medical marijuana in many US states.


Making drugs legal or illegal doesn’t stop a person from trying them. In fact the legalisation of drugs is only a small matter to consider. We should stop putting classifications and name tags to substances and think about the real issues like helping addicts, improving education about the consequences of drug taking… rather than hit them with an authority stamp which I would argue is irrelevant.
If drugs we’re legalised and a person had to go via a doctor or pharmacist to receive their allowance, it would help society target the people with the problems and allow them to get help. I believe this would lessen the back street dealers and reduce drug related crime.

Of course some laws should still be in place for when drugs and criminal activity are related… but for actual people using it – well at the end of the day it’s up to that person. No one can stop drugs being used full stop, not the government, education, parents… the list goes it.
Drugs will be around forever, limiting the usage however is an issue that has the potential to be controlled.


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A License to Kill: Ninja 3

It is impossible to universally state whether it is right or wrong to kill a person, there will never be a defiant answer. Focusing on the death of Bin Laden, leader of Al Qaida – the extremist group who were accountable for the London bombings and 9/11, his killing was somewhat inevitable and has made the world that little bit safer.

As many of you will know, Bin Laden was the worlds most wanted, sought after terrorists. On May 2nd he was killed by US forces in Pakistan during an operation ordered by the US government.

He was responsible for killing thousands of innocent people by devising unlawful attacks and programming their execution. He left behind friends and families of loved ones and spurred on a worldwide man hunt for his capture. So when intelligence finally provide information of his whereabouts, it was in interest to the whole world the he was found and killed.

We will never know the ins and outs of the operation other than he was killed. Of course for the troops involved, it could well have been a case of kill or be killed yourself. I do believe it was the right thing to do, his killing was a minor event compared to the worldwide masscures he helped create through his terrorist actions.

(N.B: These viewpoints expressed are not necessarily my own)

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