Ninja 4: Muslims and the French government must reach a fair compromise on the Burka

Ban the Burka?
The banning of the burka is a very controversial subject, which needs to be looked at diplomatically. The burka ban in France came into play earlier this year, and prevents anyone from covering up their face in public. But is this right? Should people be penalised for following their religion and beliefs? Or should you adapt to the country you live in and will this stop the oppression of Islamic women?
Why should people be punished for practising a religion, surely this is a human right? If people are are allowed to wear as little amount of clothing as they like then why are people being punished for wearing as much clothing as they like. After all these people strongly believe in their religion and that they are providing a service to god.
But then again you also have to look at the other side of things. Why do women feel they have to cover themselves up with burkas? They can still practise their religion without going to such extremes and surely when entering a new country you should respect that countries views and beliefs. Apprentice star SAIRA KHAN states that; “Nowhere in the Koran does it state that a woman’s face and body must be covered in a layer of heavy black cloth. Instead, Muslim women should dress modestly, covering their arms and legs.” So if, as some people feel, the burka is a way of brainwashing and oppressing the Islamic women then why should this be allowed?

My feelings on the subject are as follows; if the burka is not a necessity in the Muslim religious practise then why let it cause a security risk to streets around the world. If it offends and disrespects said country then I can understand the ban but I also understand the right for people to practise whatever religious beliefs they have. I think it’s all about comprise and if a little more is given on each side then both could be happy.

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One comment on “Ninja 4: Muslims and the French government must reach a fair compromise on the Burka

  1. Interesting all the fuss about clothing- yet the law in France turns a blind eye to the numbers of “honour killings” that take place against women every year there amongst immigrant communities from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Morocco. Far more crime is committed against women in this area than anything to do with clothing, yet the state does little. The law against the Burkha was a public act of anti-Islamic xenophobia- nothing to do with “protecting women”.

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