Ninja 3: The Burka ban backwards step for the French

We live in a multi-cultural world. We have allowed the migration of people, religion and culture allowing society to constantly evolve into what it is today. I believe this is a good thing, it has allowed us to develop sub cultures, groups and communities made up of different people from different backgrounds sharing ideas and beliefs.

Banning the burka is backwards thinking and France should be ashamed of themselves for allowing such a ridiculous law to be passed. France is not a country that is governed by a set religion but politics and capitalism, like many other EU countries.

I’m no expert on politics, especially European laws, leaders and past dictators making me not only a bad candidate for a pub quiz but uninterested in the topic. If I look at the situation as a whole however, I really fail to see an issue with the burka. Who is it harming? Surely a lot of time and effort has gone into creating this law but it really is insignificant on our lives. It’s time France start worrying about bigger problems like the Eurozone crisis, war, famine… the Eurovision song contest results! The list goes on.

If I think about the idea of such a ban being created in England, I would expect utter uproar from the Muslim community. My fear would be the worry that a ban would cause violence and extremism. Religion already causes so many problems for the world we live in; banning the burka shows France are ignorant towards the Muslim religion.

Respect the country, adhere to the rules, learn the language but at the end of the day, your religion is your religion.

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2 comments on “Ninja 3: The Burka ban backwards step for the French

  1. I agree! The role clothing plays in religion is interesting. It is interesting that in the most strict Islamic society- Saudi Arabia- a European woman is not required to wear a headscarf, face veil or Burkha. You can even wear a bikini at a hotel swimming pool, just now walking down the street. That society respects diversity in a way that apparently France does not. This is anti-Islamic legislation.

  2. I completely agree with you. What harm is it causing the people of France? – it is complete ignorance to religion and shocking that they expect people to remove clothing which has so much meaning and morals to them and their culture. You would think the people who imposed this rule would be more educated in culture and religions. Maybe they should reevaluate their intelligence before creating such a culture and religious igorant law.

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