Ninja 3: Squatters need an alternative

We’re not addressing this problem is a suitable way; authority stamping is not going to work.

Research by the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research at Sheffield Hallam University found:

“Around 78% of homeless people who squat have approached a local authority for help, but although recognised as homeless they have not been entitled to housing because they are not in priority need or are considered intentionally homeless.”

Define “priority need” and “intentionally homeless”? Who chooses to be homeless? I think that’s a terrible figure, our local authorities should be embarrassed.

It is simple, homeless people need a home and squatting doesn’t fit the bill. More needs to be done for them. I am a strong believer of people getting jobs, working and paying their way in society. If everyone did this we would be living in a perfect world. But they are not, the world is far from perfect and this scenario will never happen. Tax payers money should go into helping homeless people find suitable housing, get people off the streets and into jobs.

Furthermore, “Many squatters have significant welfare needs: 34% of homeless people who squat had been in care; 42% had physical ill health or a disability; 41% reported mental health problems”

Again I must ask myself, why aren’t these problems not being addressed? It is time we start at the root of the cause and deal with these problems then. These new squatting legalisations will only be ok if the state is doing the best it can to avoid people squatting in the first place. If 42% have physical ill health problems and 41% have mental health problems… what is being done about it?

Ken Clarke’s new laws on squatting are simply ridiculous. The fine is too steep and a prison sentence is just unnecessary. It’s a typical Tory idea where the less fortunate will suffer and the issue will only create more problems for society, has he heard of overcrowding in prisons?

I agree, squatting is a problem which should be tackled but more with a view of “how can we help these people” and less of “lets fine them or and lock them away”.
Strong viewpoint but hey! Thanks for reading, it would be great to have some feedback so don’t be shy and comment below.

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