Privacy: What do my social media profiles say about me?

Lets face it, privacy is long dead. With the invention of the internet and social media, there is almost no information that can be found on you after a fair bit of digging. The below graphic has came as quite a shock to the ninjas, who were before oblivious of the level to which potential employers screen us against our social media profiles.

So this week the ninjas are trying out a little experiment. We will be examining our profiles and what is visible for everyone to see. We ask all you readers to take a quick look at each and decide which of us you would hire if you were interviewing us for a job. Click on the links below and then vote in the poll on the right hand side of the page!

Ninja 1

Ninja 2

Ninja 3

Ninja 4


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8 comments on “Privacy: What do my social media profiles say about me?

  1. Great post! useful to give a website reference of your diagram.

  2. Really interesting topic! I am not someone who hires people (give it a few years, ha ha) but if I was going to pick between the four of you based on the links above, I would pick Ninja 3. Although there is alcohol in her Twitter picture, it is being consumed during the day by a river rather than in a nightclub. This suggests that she also enjoys gdoing things during the day and isn’t just a partying night owl! If I was an employer I think that carnage t-shirts, cigarettes and nightclubs would all put me off – it’s not necessarily a bad thing to go out clubbing, but I would want to hire someone who has other interests too. It’s bad to stereotype I know, but we all do it without thinking. Also, photos of kissing your friends and pulling funny faces would put me off too as it portrays a ‘mad’ personality. To me, widening your eyes and poking your tongue out in a photo says “I’m a bit crazy, me, aren’t I fun?” and that usually says “I’m a handful, I’m loud and I’m high maintenance”. Ok so Ninja 3 is in a nightclub is the Facebook photo, but you can’t really tell and she is also smiling sweetly and this says “I’m a down-to-earth nice person” which is a good thing for an employer to see!

    • By the way, I’m not suggesting that any of you fit my assumed descriptions above! The fact that you are all collaborating on this blog and writing great posts suggests to me that any employer would hire you – and lets not forget that this blog is searchable too 😉

      • ninjapr says:

        Hey Beth!

        Ninja 1 here – great to get your feedback! Ninja 3 seems to be emerging as the favourite now. I see what you mean about a lot of our photos seem to reflect drinking culture – either being in a nightclub or wearing a carnage t-shirt. I guess it is just hard to hide when you are a student!

        It is scary to think how much someone might be able to tell from you based on one photo. When it comes down to it, I think it just completely depends on who it is that is looking. One person may think “Hey, that person looks sociable and friendly”, where another may say “That person looks like a loud and crazy handful”.

        Seeing as you graduated only a few years ago, I was wondering how much you worried about your social media profiles when you were looking for work?

        All the best,

        Ninja 1

  3. This post is a good idea, but for me the four contributions are too formulaic: no one stands out, so no one gets hired.

    Ninja one gets evicted first because of the lack of punctuation. Details, details. But when all we have to judge is a picture and some words, then you can’t be surprised at this response.

    • ninjapr says:

      Hi Richard,

      Thanks very much for your views. I completely see where you are coming from in regards to all four of us being very similar and no one standing out. I’m sure if we wanted to test this theory fully then we would have arranged for the profiles to completely contrast each other. However, on this occasion the four of us were simply curious to see if our profiles (as they are right now) would have any effect at all on our employability.

      Is there anything that would really put you off a candidate for a job when screening their social media (aside from bad grammar of course)?

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