Ninja 4: What do my social media profiles say about me?


I definitely use Facebook completely for social reasons and to keep in touch with friends, so therefore my privacy settings are set so that if you are not my friend on Facebook the only thing you can see is my profile picture.  However is this enough? Or would future employees look at this picture and decide not to hire me?

Above you can see my current profile picture on Facebook.  Its a fairly nice picture where I’m smiling with a friend, I think the only thing that could be construed as negative is the fact that I’m wearing a carnage top, one of the biggest student drinking events in the UK.   If a potential employer saw this, and knew what carnage was, and then they may think twice about hiring me.  It’s not as if I’m falling over drunk or even have a drink in my hand but the association with carnage may have negative connotations for some people.  However overall I think my picture is perfectly suitable for Facebook and those that may see it.


My twitter account is probably used as half social and half professional, as I have both friends and PR professionals alike on there, but have recently started to move it into being slightly more professional.

Looking at my profile picture above, I can see that it’s not the most professional picture I could have chosen.  I don’t think that there is anything practically wrong with the picture, and if on Facebook would be fine but I feel my tongue sticking doesn’t really give the right impression to future employees.

So taking both these pictures into consideration, what’s your opinion? Is there a certain view you now have of me?

And most importantly would you hire me?


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