Ninja 2: What do my social media profiles say about me?


I use Facebook only as a personal form of social media. My privacy settings allow my friends to access all my information and I always make sure that I personally know the people who I add as friends. This is why I feel comfortable sharing my pictures, updates and general information with them. However, for obvious reasons, I still keep some information private and would never put it on Facebook, such as my address, phone number and so on. Seeing as everything, once put on facebook, is out in the open for everyone to see, I always try to be careful.

The only thing that everyone can access is my profile picture. But what does my current one say about me?

This picture was taken last Wednesday on a PR social event. Claire (ninja 3) and me are posing in front of a camera looking at each other. Although it seems to me that it is a perfectly acceptable picture for Facebook, it clearly shows that I am in a club, pretending to blow a kiss at my friend.


If you ever go on my Twitter page or start following me, you will soon realise how little I use it. Since the creation of my account, I have posted 5 tweets, none of them in relation to PR. My Twitter name is not even my full name but a nickname that my friends give me.

My profile picture shows me, again, at night, with a cigarette in my hand and Christmas streamers around my neck. This was taken during our house Christmas dinner last December.

Just like my Facebook profile picture, it shows me in a social/party environment but with no professional content.

What do these two pictures say about me then? Both times I am clearly not in a professional environment and information or content related to PR cannot really be found on neither of the social networks. Does this spread a very negative image of a lazy student who enjoys nights out more than she enjoys her course or does it show that between lectures I still manage to find time to relax and enjoy spending some time with my friends?

How would this influence you to decide whether to hire me or not? Can you draw conclusions on my personality from these two pictures?

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, I’d love to hear from you so do comment and vote for which Ninja you would hire on the basis of our social media pictures!


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2 comments on “Ninja 2: What do my social media profiles say about me?

  1. Social media profile pictures can be “stolen” by another, who can then photoshop you into compromising images – and sometimes that isn’t even needed. Just think about a “not so innocent” caption being stuck under your blown kiss by someone who doesn’t like you, and you could be giving someone the means to say you are a lesbian. Ninja PR tactics should involve “worst case scenario” risk assessment and taking steps to avoid it. Unfortunately, Facebook has created a whole generation of trolls and other unsavoury characters out there who can damage your reputation.

    • ninjapr says:

      This unfortunately constitutes the “dark side” of social media, and facebook especially, where everything is out in the open, just waiting to be used against you. Going through our facebook and twitter profiles made me and my fellow ninjas spot the weaknesses and be aware of the flaws. Facebook is considered as a personal social media platform, but once you realise that your pictures, statuses, groups, events and so on can weigh something in an employer’s decision whether to hire you or another candidate, it changes everything and makes you feel very exposed. We all enjoyed doing this exercice and looking at our profiles with an external and professional point of view, but some work has to be done in all 4 ninjas’ facebook and twitter accounts.

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