A License to Kill: Ninja 4

Capital punishment is no longer used in the UK and many other countries alike; however it is still present in some parts of the world. Why is this? Do they use the death penalty to protect innocent civilians and to set an example?  Obviously capital punishment should only be set to use in the worst possible scenarios and when the death of this criminal will save a society, but does any of these points make it right, or is a murder just simply a murder?

The number of victims that suffered at Gadaffi’s hands is endless and the wobbly video footage of the Libyan former dictator’s last breaths was solid proof to the countries long struggle of hurt and rebellion.  Granted it was a medicine well over due but does it make it right.  My answer to this is yes. Some people will argue that killing is killing and whatever the conditions it shouldn’t be allowed but ask yourself this, how many lives would Gadaffis murder saved? Hundreds? Thousands? Then surely the death should be congratulated.  If this death saves just one innocent life then surely it is worthwhile.  I’m sure everyone would agree that if they had a choice of how should die, Gadaffi or a civilian.  Then the majority will choose the evil former dictator.

So I say why should we suffer at the hands of the most dangerous people in the world, they deserve the punishment that they so easily give to others, death.

(N.B: These viewpoints expressed are not necessarily my own)

Thank you for taking the time to hear me out. Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section below. If you agree with my views then please vote for me in the poll on the right hand side of this page.


2 comments on “A License to Kill: Ninja 4

  1. prsolent says:

    Hello ninja 4,
    I just wanted to comment about your “how many lives would Gadaffis murder saved? Hundreds? Thousands? ” : his imprisonment would also have avoided those crimes.
    Death isn’t the only solution. Gadaffis’ execution was an act of rage, and spontaneity. I think everyone, even dictators like him, should have a trial, even if the result may be the death penalty. A fair judgement reflects human reflexion and ethical consequences to the defendants’ actions.

  2. ninjapr says:

    Hello prsolent

    Thanks for your comment. I agree with you that death is not the only solution but I think that to the civilians that suffered under the rein of Gadaffi for many years it was. I think that to them imprisonment wouldnt of been enough and they felt he should suffer just as they have suffered. I dont feel Gadaffi showed any human reflexion or understanding of ethical consequences so why should they? But I do agree with you that everyone is entitled to a fair trial and like you said even if the penalty was death. Why resort down to his level right?

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